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SCE Lifeworks Working Together

Thanks to our funding partners at Manitoba Family Services and Consumer Affairs for their ongoing support.

Thanks to all of the individuals and organizations that have contributed financially to SCE LifeWorks, or to the SCE LifeWorks Endowment Fund!

Donate to SCE LifeWorks
SCE LifeWorks is a charitable, non-profit organization.
Though we are funded by government sources, it is through the generosity of our donors that we have been able to:

• Maintain, enhance, and grow our services
• Promote the inclusion of individuals with intellectual
disabilities in the workplace, and in the community
• Support quality assurance endeavours
Combat challenges with regard to increased costs
and cost-of-living
• Invest in the future of SCE LifeWorks

Contribution Options

General Donation:
As a registered charity, SCE LifeWorks appreciates donations in any amount. Receipts for Income Tax purposes are provided for donations greater than $15. Donations can be made out to “SCE LifeWorks”, and sent to:

SCE LifeWorks
227 – 530 Century Street
Winnipeg MB
R3H 0Y4

Another convenient option is to
donate online at


SCE LifeWorks Endowment Fund:
SCE LifeWorks has established an Endowment Fund with The Winnipeg Foundation. The SCE LifeWorks Endowment Fund will increase the organization’s financial stability in years to come. To make a contribution now or to consider adding the SCE LifeWorks Endowment Fund as a beneficiary in your will, contact SCE LifeWorks or
The Winnipeg Foundation at (204) 944-9474.

New! Donate directly to the SCE LifeWorks Endowment Fund on The Winnipeg Foundation portal by clicking here.

Payroll Deduction:
Through the United Way, your donation can be automatically deducted from your pay cheque. Simply state SCE LifeWorks as the charity to receive your donation and the money will be forwarded to us. Currently, the United Way of Winnipeg applies a $12.00 cost recovery fee for each donation or annual payroll contribution directed to SCE LifeWorks.

Specify SCE LifeWorks as a beneficiary in your will.

Event Sponsorship:
SCE LifeWorks generates financial resources through fund-raising events such as our annual Golden Plate Gala. Sponsorship of these events assists in advancing SCE LifeWorks’ fund-raising goals while providing sponsors with public recognition.

If you have any unique event sponsorship ideas, please contact us. We are always looking for great silent auction items too! If you can help us with this endeavour, please contact us.

SCE LifeWorks Endowment Fund

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the SCE LifeWorks Endowment Fund?
The SCE LifeWorks Endowment Fund is managed by The Winnipeg Foundation. Endowment funds are established so that the “principal” of the fund will continue to grow (as long as there are individuals and organizations contributing to it). The “interest” generated from the fund is used as the revenue source; the “principal” is never itself used as revenue, since it is the revenue generator.

Why is a contribution to the SCE LifeWorks Endowment Fund a “gift that keeps on giving”?
Your contribution to the SCE LifeWorks Endowment Fund becomes part of the “principal” and so it will generate “interest” for as long as the Fund and SCE LifeWorks exist (we intend that to be a very long time!).

I heard that The Winnipeg Foundation actually matches my donation. Is that true?
Initially, The Winnipeg Foundation was matching donations to our endowment fund “dollar for dollar” while we were in the initial phase of growth. Once The Winnipeg Foundation contributed a total of $15,000, the SCE LifeWorks Endowment Fund entered a second phase of growth, where The Winnipeg Foundation contributed one dollar for every five dollars donated.

Currently, The Winnipeg Foundation is contributing one dollar for every nine dollars donated.

What has SCE LifeWorks done with revenue from the Fund up to now?
The SCE LifeWorks Endowment Fund is still small as these funds go, generating a relatively small amount of interest. Up until now, SCE LifeWorks has been re-investing the interest back into the fund (and these re-investments are subject to the “top-up” from The Winnipeg Foundation). In the future, the SCE LifeWorks Board of Directors will determine how to make best use of the revenue generated by the Fund in support of our organizational mission.

Why is The SCE LifeWorks Endowment Fund important?
It is the one way that SCE LifeWorks as an organization can develop a revenue source that is dependable and not subject to variables such as shifting government priorities or fundraising trends.

Why should I donate to the SCE LifeWorks Endowment Fund?

It is the gift that keeps on giving—indefinitely!

This kind of investment in SCE LifeWorks strengthens us for a long and healthy future.

A strong endowment fund helps SCE LifeWorks as an organization become less dependent on an ever-changing funding environment.

How do I contribute to your fund?

You can send an Endowment Fund contribution to SCE LifeWorks the same way that you would send a regular donation, but specifying that your donation is to go to the “SCE LifeWorks Endowment Fund”.

If you prefer, you can send your contribution directly to:

The Winnipeg Foundation
1350 - One Lombard Place
Winnipeg, MB R3B 0X3

Please specify that your contribution is for the “SCE LifeWorks Endowment Fund”.

Whether sending your donation to SCE LifeWorks or to The Winnipeg Foundation, you can make your cheque out to "The SCE LifeWorks Endowment Fund".