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SCE Lifeworks Working Together
At SCE LifeWorks, we understand that employers are looking for reliable, conscientious and competent employees. Because we understand the importance of the right match of an employee’s interests, experience, and personality to the job and the work environment, SCE LifeWorks makes great efforts to know the individuals we support to that end. We pride ourselves on our flexible and innovative methods and will work closely with you to develop a plan that best meets your needs as well as those of the supported individual. 

The Benefits of Hiring through SCE LifeWorks 

· Training and support at no cost to your organization
· Ongoing and flexible support
· Positive impact on the work environment
· Large base of individuals to hire from
· No cost to place advertisements for positions
· Easy recruitment process
· Helping to improve the quality of life for an individual
with an intellectual disability
· Opportunity to demonstrate leadership and
commitment to an inclusive community
· Involvement with an agency working towards a
lower unemployment rate 

It is essential that your company employ someone who is capable of completing the tasks that you have hired them for. SCE LifeWorks not only provides initial and follow-up training to your new employee at no cost to your company, but will provide additional training as job tasks/circumstances change.

We will also work with your employees to facilitate a comfortable environment where the supported individual is welcomed and treated like any other worker.  

Q: Who provides initial training to individuals supported through SCE LifeWorks?

A: SCE LifeWorks will provide initial training to each person supported through our agency at their new work site. We encourage employers and co-workers to be engaged in the training process. 

Q: Will SCE LifeWorks provide additional training in the case of a promotion or change in job duties?

A: YES. It is our goal to ensure that your employee is able to do their job.
If someone requires additional training, we
can provide a job coach to retrain your employee.  

Q: Will you provide training to current employees regarding disability issues?

A: YES. We provide sensitivity training to all
of the businesses we are partnered with whether your employee is full time or part time

Q: Can we begin this partnership with a
work trial?

A: YES with a designated time limit for evaluation.

Q: Is there a full time
one-to-one support

Support from SCE LifeWorks is provided according to the person’s needs and
level of independence.