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SCE LifeWorks is committed to being a valued business partner and we aspire to negotiate compensation that is fair for both the employer and the person we support. For your organization, that may mean any of the following: 

Hiring Competitively
Being employed provides people with many benefits, far exceeding a paycheque. It is important that people feel respected and valued, have the freedom to learn and be socially included at the workplace.

Many people supported through SCE LifeWorks have the ability earn an income, often by working full-time. These individuals are significant assets to the workforce and deserve to be compensated appropriately for the benefit provided to the hiring organization. 

Work Experience
Some individuals are not prepared or able to join the work force earning a competitive wage. In these situations it might take a little extra time to gain the skills and experience necessary for competitive employment. 

By providing work experience opportunities, individuals have a chance to enhance skills and develop new ones in specific areas. SCE LifeWorks will assist your company with training and by providing ongoing support to best ensure that your employee is a valuable part of your team.

Customized compensation arrangements for the employee may be discussed on an individual basis. 

Volunteer Opportunities
Many of the people supported by SCE LifeWorks believe in volunteerism. SCE LifeWorks is proud to recognize the hundreds of volunteer hours achieved by individuals supported through the agency. If you are a service organization and have volunteer opportunities available, please let us know. 

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