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SCE Lifeworks Working Together
SCE LifeWorks offers a choice
of the following
three membership packages.

Individual Membership ($15)
One member, one vote

Family Membership
Up to five members, five votes – This membership covers up to five individuals living in one home. It may also include a person supported through LifeWorks living in a separate residence. Please note that members must be identified at the time the membership is purchased.

Corporate Membership ($125)
One member, one vote - Corporate members can also receive, upon request, sensitivity training done at the workplace (up to three times per year)

Join now and become a member today!

Download membership Form here

Become A Member

SCE LifeWorks knows that when you work together, you achieve more. We invite you to become a member and help our agency grow bigger and stronger!

By purchasing a membership, you provide us with financial support that enables us to provide quality programs and services for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Through your membership purchase, you are also telling us that you believe in the work that we’re doing and adding your voice to an agency that believes in full inclusion in the community.

The employees of SCE LifeWorks continue to work hard to support adults with intellectual disabilities to work and participate in the community. With your continuing support, we are that much closer to achieving our goals.

All memberships include the following benefits:

Eligibility to vote at the Annual General Meeting
A subscription to the Synergy newsletter
Information regarding our special events
Access to our resource library at the SCE LifeWorks office
A feeling of community responsibility
A charitable income tax receipt

For more information on how you can become a member, please contact the SCE LifeWorks office at 775-9402.