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SCE LifeWorks’ Individualized Support Services is for adults who require one-to-one support due to significant support needs. Examples of areas of support include personal care, communication, anxiety management and safety management. Each person’s schedule is determined from his or her individualized plan, which typically may include work experience, employment, volunteer opportunities, leisure activities, physical exercise/physiotherapy, personal development and educational activities. 

SCE LifeWorks will assist individuals in developing
personalized plans by:
· Working together with the individual and his/her support network
to identify areas of interests, skills, abilities and subsequent goals.
· Identifying choices and opportunities in the community.

SCE LifeWorks will work together with the people we support by:
· Identifying and accessing employment options and community activities
based on the interests, abilities and goals of the individuals.
· Encouraging relationships and maximizing the use of natural supports.
· Promoting community awareness of individual capabilities.
· Ensuring individuals are ready to enter the workplace, or will work on
developing any areas requiring extra supports. 

SCE LifeWorks recognizes that every individual has unique goals and ambitions and that families often play a very important role in supporting individuals to make informed decisions.

We encourage parents and other family members to work with us to create opportunities for the inclusion of persons with intellectual disabilities. Building an effective support network is essential in creating a positive environment for the people we support.