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Transition Planning

The transition from school to work is an exciting, yet intimidating process. SCE LifeWorks would like to work together as part of a team to make this transition successful for young graduates and their families.

We at SCE LifeWorks are interested in getting to know students while they are still in high school to help facilitate a smooth transition from school to work. We encourage you to invite us to transition meetings to discuss our involvement in the transition process.

It is important that young people are encouraged to participate in the community and receive support from a network of friends and family. SCE LifeWorks believes that individuals should be making decisions on their own behalf. We also believe that families play a very important role in supporting individuals to make informed decisions. That is why SCE LifeWorks believes in working closely with families and support team members to best support individuals. Family involvement also ensures that SCE LifeWorks staff has the fullest understanding of the individual, including his/her interests and support needs to provide the best and most person-centred support possible. Parents and other family members are encouraged to work together with SCE LifeWorks to create opportunities for the inclusion of persons with intellectual disabilities.

SCE LifeWorks welcomes parents to get involved with our agency well before their son or daughter is graduating from high school. Being a member of a committee or a member of the board will allow parents a chance to make decisions regarding the future of this agency and supports provided to individuals living with an intellectual disability.

Summer Program for High School Students

To help students prepare for that leap into the world of work, we offer a summer program which allows young people the opportunity to gain work experience so that they are better prepared for what lies ahead.

For more information, please visit our Summer Program for High School Students